The instrument

The courses are given on an upright piano of high quality brand

Yamaha b3 SI

B3 model is equipped with Silent System.

The b3 delight both the novice and demanding pianist with its characteristics and robustness. It is a perfect compromise between performance and musical dimensions.

The b3 b series brings to its pedigree and shows how we approach the standard "concert" with the piano in this category. B3 revolutionizes the world of piano making it accessible to all qualities of touch, precision, ease of play, power, technological innovation and aesthetics that were previously reserved for higher-end instruments.

The Silent Type Singles system is efficient because of the optical sensors that generate sounds accurately sampled grand pianos Yamaha Concert Series.

If given in our home, the courses are on a Yamaha B3 SI piano. "SI" stands for Yamaha's Silent System. 

The Yamaha B3 is an excellent instrument for both the novice and the advanced pianist. 

The Yamaha B3 combines a grand piano sound and real piano key weight in an upright piano. It is the perfect combination between a piano performance and a piano lessons.

This Yamaha is unique in that it generates sounds accurately sampled from Yamaha's Concert series pianos. You will love the sound.